Monday, February 9, 2009

The New Grill...and an X. Earl Moment!

This weekend the McCoy Tribe had to invest in a new grill. So we started by visiting Lowes to pick out the perfect grill for our style of function! We found a wonderful model that has two sides, one that cooks with gas and the other with charcoal! It is so very cool, with plenty of real estate for cooking. Sunday morning the family went out to Caesar to put the grill together. The instructions say that you need two people to put it together, so little man helped Dad in the assembly.
Had to check the tires to make sure it could support the load!
Then the McCoy Tribe Elders had what we will refer to as an X. Earl moment. For those who know the family this is all the explaining that is needed.
For the rest of goes like this....My Dad has been known to find the coolest toys (when Jeff and Aunt Ginny were kids) and household stuff (Now that we are adults) the most unlikely of places. I remember the story of one of Aunt Ginny's dolls that was pulled out of someone's household dump (in the days before landfills)...Well, Jeff and Brandy were scouting out the Caesar property's wooded area when we came upon some discarded items from one of the local there was this riding horse, and a purple riding Dino...a swingset (the swing seats and slide are still useable) we hauled it up the hill...and before we could clean it off, little man had found himself a good time! Current plans are to get the sun-bleached horse a new paint job...and the dino a new set of handles and they will be good as new!
Tonight, we inaugurated the new grill with a Nerd gathering...A friend and sales rep for one of the computer companies we do business with is down for the Mississippi Computing Association's annual meeting. Mike comes down for a visit with us each year, this year we decided on cooking burgers and dogs and making it a family gathering with all my tech's families in attendance. Good fun was had by all...


GinnyDreamin' said...

HOW COOL!!!! Oh yes, some of our BEST toys were salvaged from the dump!!! :) I think we had a swing set someone was throwing out too!!! and the slides on our playhouse Dad and Mom built...and the BIG BIG tractor tire (don't we still have that thing??) It was our 1st trampoline!! Don't FORGET the pedal cars (that would be worth a FORTUNE if we still had them) and yes, my favorite 'playing house' dolly!! :) It is what you call BEING GREEN and SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!!! I'm happy Andy isn't too good to play with someone's discarded toys JUST LIKE US!!! It warms my heart!! Matt says just make sure the plastic on the spring horse isn't brittle ;) know polymer science mind working! We LOVE you all!!

GinnyDreamin' said...