Monday, September 19, 2011

Maybe I am obsessing....

Ok...maybe I am obsessing too much...but NetFlix...really?  Come on!  I have been a member of NetFlix for over a year, they looked like a great company to get the best of both worlds from...I could get my DVD's by mail, which I got previously from BlockBuster...but now I could get my streaming from one source and manage them all from one site!  I love the ease of getting multiple things from one store...which is why I use companies like WalMart and  Now they announce that they are splitting the company into two unique for streaming and one for DVD by mail...Really?  This to me is like WalMart saying..."Oh, we have decided to split our stores into multiple smaller stores so we can provide better service to all....and your costs will go up.  Sorry!"  So, I lose the convenience of having everything at one spot, I lose the ability to have one checkout point.   The whole point is convenience to the customer.  I tolerated the price increase...I was okay with that because ultimately, if they didn't have the movie I wanted available on streaming, I could get it on my DVD queue...with one click.  So now I am considering canceling my entire subscription, because if I have to go to WalMart and find out that Ziploc bags aren't considered a Grocery item...I now have to go to WalMart for Dry Goods instead...which is across the parking lot and you have to wait in line there too...Give me a friggin break! 

Enough of that rant! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Day I will update my Blog!

My Word!  I can't believe it has been 5 months since I last posted a blog update.  Be on the lookout in the near future for an actual update...I think having a new baby is keeping me from posting...but she is just about to the age we can think about communicating with the outside world again!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Christmas Tree...Emme's First

Emme will have her first Christmas this year!

Today we setup our Christmas Tree.  Due to weather conditions the past two weekends we decided that an artificial tree would be our option if we wanted to have a tree this year.  It isn't my preferred type of tree...but it works.  This one is quite nice, it used to be the one I put in my office, but due to re-arranging the office over the summer, I didn't have room to put it this year.  I should have thought about that while I was setting up the office, but oh well!

Andy helped us decorate the tree.  This one isn't big enough for all of our ornaments, so we selected those that were most special to us this year.  Included are Andy and Emme's "My First Christmas" ornaments, our "We're Expecting" ornaments given while we were expecting Andy, a selection of hand crocheted ornaments from Grandma Jarrell's, paper garland and ornaments made by Andy this year with the help of Meme and Nana Spiers, as well as a few hand made ornaments that were made by Brandy and I when we were just a family of two.

In typical two year old fashion, many ornaments got placed in a cluster...we had to help him spread them around....  

Overall I think we ended up with a lovely tree!  Don't you?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blue Light Special

After her 6th day on Earth, Brandy and I noticed that Emme was quite jaundiced so we called her pediatrician who instructed us to take her to the hospital to have her Bilirubin counts tested.  We took her in and results came back with a count of 17.  Normal is under 10, and a High count starts at 14.  They hospitalize at the pediatrician's office ordered a Bili Light to be delivered immediately to our house for Emme to stay under.  She was under it for three days and we went back in to test and her levels were down to 12, one more day and it was 10 and she was able to come off the light.  Yay!  We are so glad to have our little blue light special to be healthy again.  She is much more lively now.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let it Snow!

It Snowed in Carriere on December 3 2009.  It was a sight to see.  All day everyone at work had been saying that it was supposed to snow that day, I looked on the Weather Channel and saw that if it was going to snow that it should start around 8 PM.  Around Noon, I got a text from my Sis in Houston saying that it was snowing at 8 PM I went outside and low and behold it was still raining.  Oh well.  No snow. The radar on Weather channel was then showing that everything looked like it would totally miss us and snow just to our north, but not here.  Then around 9 PM when we were about to put Andy to bed I noticed larger softer rain falling outside.

Brandy went outside to check and sure enough it was snowing.  So bedtime got delayed to have some fun in the snow.  Andy, Momma, and Mimi went out and played for about an hour.  Daddy stayed inside and watched the littlest member of our family since she couldn't go out to play.

 Not a whole lot of snow, but here are a few pictures.

Our McCoy Tribe header for the blog was also made by Brandy and Andy out of our SnowMen that morning.  Enjoy!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Well folks,

We made it home yesterday afternoon.  All of our normal doctors were enjoying their holidays, and I think all of the On-Call doctors wanted to empty the hospital in their stead.  When we were getting processed to leave, 5 of the 8 new sets of parents at the hospital were also getting their discharge papers.  The poor nurses were running trying to get everyone who was going home gone and still take care of the ones left behind.  As with our first visit in Slidell Memorial when Andy was born, this visit to SMH was great!  The nurses in the Labor/Delivery, Nursery and Post-Partum departments were very kind, attentive, and went above and beyond expectations of care!  Thank you so much to all of those wonderful ladies for taking care of my two ladies! 

Our first night back home was adventuresome.  It was amazing that Brandy and I both woke up this the night must not have been as bad as it seemed it would be at times during the night.  Little Emme was not a happy camper adjusting to her new environment.  We couldn't seem to get her fed, and comfy at the same time so she would sleep at all.  Finally about 3 AM she went to sleep in her sleeper and Mom and I were able to get a couple hours of sleep before the 5:30 feeding (followed by 7, and 9).  I have forgotten what it was like to have a new baby in the house.  Remembering that babies in the hospital get used to it being daylight all night long, and total darkness is something they haven't had since they joined this world. 

I hope to get a big picture post on the site soon with many of the rest of the pictures we took yesterday.  Currently, am having trouble locating the camera cable for this computer, and our wireless is not working to hook up the other computer that doesn't need a cable.  Go figure!    

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Andy visits Emme.

This afternoon after Brandy got out of recovery, my Mom (aka. Nonna), who was keeping Andy today, brought him to see his new little sister.  Here are a few pictures from the visit.

Andy even got to hold her...what he has wanted to do since we started talking about a Little Sister

Then we visited with Mom a little while

He even got a special "Emme's Birthday" Present from Nonna and Papa