Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cousin Nates Birthday!

This weekend Andy had an invitation to his cousin Nate's 3rd Birthday Party. The event was held at Pump-it-Up in Mobile, AL. They have a huge room for private birthday parties filled with an inflated obstacle course, slide, basketball court, and a king of the hill!

Little man had a blast!

Mom and Dad even joined in the fun when we read that the weight limit on the inflatables was 800 pounds! The kids all had fun beating us up in the King of the Hill!
Mimi even joined in the fun!
Afterwards we went to the party room for Cake, Drinks and Chips! It was so much fun! Happy Birthday Nate!
P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures! Action shots are kinda hard to get!


GinnyDreamin' said...

FUN!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could have MY birthday party there!!! :) Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!! Almost birthday time for the little guy!!!! Can't wait to help celebrate him turning TWO!! :)

GinnyDreamin' said...

OH MY!!! BE CAREFUL MCCOY TRIBE!! You are DANGEROUSLY close to exceeding your posts from last year in bloggy land!!! KEEP IT UP!!!! I'm loving the pictures and the updates on what's going on in your life!!

Now I just haveta get you tweeting on twitterbird!! *heehee*

amber said...

looks like ya'll all had a blast!

GinnyDreamin' said...

Ok---> I've got nothing against Cousin Nate but I'm ready for LITTLE MAN'S BIRTHDAY POST!!!! What gives?? It's not like ya'll are tearing down a house or something?!?!?! *poke**heehee*

GinnyDreamin' said...

SERIOUSLY!?!?! Cousin Nate's birthday was DA BOMB but I KNOW stuff has been happening over there in MS since APRIL?????!!!!! UPDATE PLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZEEE!!!