Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Christmas Tree...Emme's First

Emme will have her first Christmas this year!

Today we setup our Christmas Tree.  Due to weather conditions the past two weekends we decided that an artificial tree would be our option if we wanted to have a tree this year.  It isn't my preferred type of tree...but it works.  This one is quite nice, it used to be the one I put in my office, but due to re-arranging the office over the summer, I didn't have room to put it this year.  I should have thought about that while I was setting up the office, but oh well!

Andy helped us decorate the tree.  This one isn't big enough for all of our ornaments, so we selected those that were most special to us this year.  Included are Andy and Emme's "My First Christmas" ornaments, our "We're Expecting" ornaments given while we were expecting Andy, a selection of hand crocheted ornaments from Grandma Jarrell's, paper garland and ornaments made by Andy this year with the help of Meme and Nana Spiers, as well as a few hand made ornaments that were made by Brandy and I when we were just a family of two.

In typical two year old fashion, many ornaments got placed in a cluster...we had to help him spread them around....  

Overall I think we ended up with a lovely tree!  Don't you?

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GinnyDreamin' said...

Beautiful tree!!! I will have to come over and check it out! :)

LOVE the pics of Andy's decorating!!