Monday, September 19, 2011

Maybe I am obsessing....

Ok...maybe I am obsessing too much...but NetFlix...really?  Come on!  I have been a member of NetFlix for over a year, they looked like a great company to get the best of both worlds from...I could get my DVD's by mail, which I got previously from BlockBuster...but now I could get my streaming from one source and manage them all from one site!  I love the ease of getting multiple things from one store...which is why I use companies like WalMart and  Now they announce that they are splitting the company into two unique for streaming and one for DVD by mail...Really?  This to me is like WalMart saying..."Oh, we have decided to split our stores into multiple smaller stores so we can provide better service to all....and your costs will go up.  Sorry!"  So, I lose the convenience of having everything at one spot, I lose the ability to have one checkout point.   The whole point is convenience to the customer.  I tolerated the price increase...I was okay with that because ultimately, if they didn't have the movie I wanted available on streaming, I could get it on my DVD queue...with one click.  So now I am considering canceling my entire subscription, because if I have to go to WalMart and find out that Ziploc bags aren't considered a Grocery item...I now have to go to WalMart for Dry Goods instead...which is across the parking lot and you have to wait in line there too...Give me a friggin break! 

Enough of that rant! 

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