Friday, November 27, 2009


Well folks,

We made it home yesterday afternoon.  All of our normal doctors were enjoying their holidays, and I think all of the On-Call doctors wanted to empty the hospital in their stead.  When we were getting processed to leave, 5 of the 8 new sets of parents at the hospital were also getting their discharge papers.  The poor nurses were running trying to get everyone who was going home gone and still take care of the ones left behind.  As with our first visit in Slidell Memorial when Andy was born, this visit to SMH was great!  The nurses in the Labor/Delivery, Nursery and Post-Partum departments were very kind, attentive, and went above and beyond expectations of care!  Thank you so much to all of those wonderful ladies for taking care of my two ladies! 

Our first night back home was adventuresome.  It was amazing that Brandy and I both woke up this the night must not have been as bad as it seemed it would be at times during the night.  Little Emme was not a happy camper adjusting to her new environment.  We couldn't seem to get her fed, and comfy at the same time so she would sleep at all.  Finally about 3 AM she went to sleep in her sleeper and Mom and I were able to get a couple hours of sleep before the 5:30 feeding (followed by 7, and 9).  I have forgotten what it was like to have a new baby in the house.  Remembering that babies in the hospital get used to it being daylight all night long, and total darkness is something they haven't had since they joined this world. 

I hope to get a big picture post on the site soon with many of the rest of the pictures we took yesterday.  Currently, am having trouble locating the camera cable for this computer, and our wireless is not working to hook up the other computer that doesn't need a cable.  Go figure!    


GinnyDreamin' said...

Do you guys know how to swaddle? That often works to settle little ones down in the NICU?? Might be worth a shot...

Hope she gets into a rhythm soon! Hope you and B can get some sleep soon as well!

Can't wait to see the pics but TOTALLY get that you have a few more things to worry about than posting pictures!! :)

Hugs from Houston!!

Amber said...

congrats on getting home and a few precious hours of sleep. Ya'll jump right back into the new baby routin in no time and now its not as new. love ya'll can't wait to get some new baby sugar kisses all round love ya'll~ Aunt Ambie