Saturday, January 24, 2009

Catching everyone up! January and December - Minus Christmas!

Our tool supply is growing! You might think that the McCoy Tribe is planning on doing a lot of yard work this year. Last year we bought our trusty Craftman lawn mower with our Economic Incentive Check...lets just call it a parting gift from our former President! Thank you GW! We are getting a lot of use out of it!
Last Christmas (2007), my late Aunt's BFF Mary Alice sent us a wonderful gift certificate to Lowes...we spent part of it on some attachments for the lawn mower! They have come in big handy spreading ant bait around the property and hauling loads of bark around to fill in some of the holes and low spots around the property. This year so far with that same gift certificate, we bought ourselves a weed eater to help trim around the trees after we mow!

Our goal for the day was to get our new weedeater assembled as well as the wonderful wheel barrow Nonna and Papa gave the Tribe for Christmas. Mission accomplished! Now the fun begins!
Papa and Nonna came out the the Caesar property before an adventurous trip to the Big Easy to look at an Organ Papa purchased and plan its safe voyage to Carriere where it will find its new home! Papa helped the decision challenged McCoy Tribe elders to find a home for the fruit trees and grape vines we purchased from Pine Hill Nursery back in Early December!

The decision has been made! Now the work will really begin! Planting the trees and vines. We currently have two apple trees, two pear trees, one fig, four blue berries, four Muscadine vines, and a Japanese magnolia (a gift to the Tribe from Brandy's work mates in memory of PawPaw James who passed away in Early December).
This should be real fun getting all of these plants planted. I think we are going to need to buy a few more now that we have our space picked out...this property is larger than I first imagined.

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GinnyDreamin' said...

AWESOME!!! I'm so jealous you have LAND to plant on!! But I'm super happy for you too!!!! That just doesn't come with a postage stamp! :D

I can hardly wait to follow the adventure! :)