Saturday, January 24, 2009

Potty Training begins as the Terrible Twos have arrived EARLY!

The time has come for little man to start learning how to use a big man's potty! This week we purchased a "Prince's Throne" and we are starting to learn how to use it! The first attempt with pants down ended up with the floor wetter than the potty...but such is the task as we are told by those who have been there before us!
Recently little man figured out that if he pulled a chair into the kitchen from the dining room that he could climb on it and "help" Mom and Dad with dishes and cooking...he hasn't quite figured out that once the dishes are in the strainer to dry that they don't go back into the dish water...but that is okay!
The next day after breakfast, we noticed that quite a bit of time had passed and it was very quiet in the house. Deciding that we should check and see what our little bundle of energy was up to we ventured into the kitchen and found this... This was a muffin...we must have needed a few muffin crumbs for something, I suppose!

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GinnyDreamin' said...

Oh dear! My Andy will KILL you in the future for posting his little bum for all to see! But I won't tell!

GOOD LUCK with potty training!

What a mischief maker in the kitchen too!!