Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work Work Work...

Today the McCoy Tribe spent the day working at our Caesar place. Starting to plant our fruit orchard! Yay! In typical McCoy fashion, we bit off a little more than we could do in a day. Supposed to be raining tomorrow, so the Tribe will be traveling to Hurley to see PawPaw after his leg surgery.
We started the day with a visit to Paul Bounds to pick up 12 - 6 inch posts from which to strand our wire for our grape vines. On the way to Caesar from Picayune, the little man fell alsleep as it was time for his nap! But as you can see, when he woke up he was plenty of help packing the dirt back around the posts.
Mom and Dad were both exhausted from the day's work....we only got 5 of the 12 posts in the ground....A lot more work than any of us originally predicted.
I certainly think that everyone who passed by had to have gotten a good laugh out of the two of us out there digging wholes in the ground! I now know why farmers aren't fat! Maybe we won't have too much rain this weekend and we can get the rest of them finished next weekend! And then in a few years we will have some good ole Muscadine grapes to munch on!

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GinnyDreamin' said...

Geez Jake you are looking like Dad with that beard! WOW! It kinda freaks me out!!

KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!!! I would LUV to taste some more delicious muscadines!!! It will all be worth it when you are done!

I love you all!!!! Hugs & kisses from Houston!!!!