Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brave Aunt Ginny!

My Sister is SO Brave and I will tell you why. When we were thinking about coming to Houston, Jules asked me if I thought Andy would like making cookies. Here I am thinking Prefab Rolls of cookies thrown in the oven...sure he would love that! We get to Houston and after the Pumpkin trip on Saturday, Julie makes some sugar cookie dough (From Scratch). Her intention is to roll and use cookie cutters to create shapes, and then decorate these cookies with a 2 year old! Wow! This should be interesting I think to myself...but once again, my little man amazed me with his interest, and devotion to the task at hand (Cooking with Aunt JuJu). He dons an apron and off they go.

Aunt Ginny had a step ladder to bring him to cabinet height and explains the process to him.

Then they select the cutters they will be using...of course all that Aunt JuJu had MUST be used.

Rolling the Dough (They made a mess!)

The Cookies going in the oven!

The patience it took to wait until the cookies cooked finally paid off! A finished project....can you pick out the ones Andy Decorated?
Someone was VERY happy to make cookies with his Aunt JuJu!!!

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GinnyDreamin' said...

I cherished every second of this!! With every speck of mess we made! I hope we can make it a bit of a tradition? This little man is the light of my life! See my blog post for how long I have wanted to do this!

Thanks for your sweet comments! Thanks also for making our house the "last" long trip before Mary Elizabeth joins the family! I can hardly WAIT to have TWO lights of my life! :)