Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You've Fell Victim to one of the classic blunders....

one of which is "Never get into a land war in Asia"....the other...don't try to go tit for tat on how to have a bad week or two!

We went to see my Sis over the Columbus Day Weekend....that weekend, someone who was SUPPOSED to be her Best friend in Houston stabbed her in the back by quitting her job with a 2 day notice the week before she was supposed to cover for another therapist that was going to be out for the week (I don't much care for people like that...the whole "You don't want to meet me in a dark alley" comes to mind. F' with my Sister and I am gunnin for you!). So we get back to work on Tuesday, and one of my workers falls off a ladder and gets a compression fracture in his spine (out for at least 6 weeks)...so I thought I had WON the Bad week contest...but my week got worse...a crashed server...oh yeah...I had this one in the bag! But little did I know that my Big Sis's week was going down the tubes too! The continued fallout at her work place was (hopefully) finished off with a Triple Ticket from Houston's Finest! Okay Okay Sis...I get the point! You win!

Never go in against a McCoy when bad luck is on the line! (If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all! --My theme song from HeeHaw)

I love you Jules! I do hope things start going a little better for you soon!

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GinnyDreamin' said...

I don't know if I won.....sounds like we might have had a tie??

Hope your days are MUCH better now!!