Saturday, October 10, 2009

A weekend trip to Aunt Ginny's

The McCoy Tribe had a long weekend from work, so we decided to take one last trip before M.E. is born to visit Aunt Ginny and Uncle Matt in Houston! We drove in on Friday night and then woke up Saturday morning to go to the Pumpkin Farm! Andy had a blast!

We searched for pumpkins

This one was too Heavy!

Then we went to play on the Giant Inflatable Slide! (3 slides for a ticket...2 year old's can't count!)

We finally found the perfect Pumpkin for our little man and brought it home! Thanks Aunt Ginny for taking us to the Pumpkin Farm! It was FUN!

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GinnyDreamin' said...

FUN morning!! Andy was SO FUNNY about that slide!! He wasn't giving up that fun without a fight! :)

Matt & I LOVE to go pumpkin pickin' with you guys! Maybe over the years we can try out all of the pumpkin patches in northwest Houston?? :)