Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sentenced to Death!

When Dad was cleaning out his office upon retirement from MGCCC, he gave Brandy and I four beautiful African Violets that had been growing and thriving under his grow bulbs in the classroom. Reluctantly, we accepted, knowing that these poor plants had just been sentenced to death as our track record for keeping plants alive isn't too good. To be the children of plant lovers/horticulturists, we are horrible at growing anything! has been over a month, and this is what Dad's African Violets look like now...

Can you believe that they are all alive! And blooming! Yes, all four plants have started blooming a new set of blooms since we have been in possession of these beauties! I am impressed, so far, it seems that they have a stay of execution. The secret: Keep them in a sunny southern window where you can remember to actually water them (They are in our kitchen window! Works to keep them near the sink so we can remember to water them.)

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GinnyDreamin' said...

I think you might have a violet angel helping you too!!

Someone has to inherit the violet growing gene....and sadly I have killed more than one!