Saturday, July 26, 2008

We got TP'd!

It appears that someone decided that our extra supply of TP was in the wrong place so it has been relocated from the bathroom to underneath our bedroom aquarium stand.

After that, the day progressed....and we thought someone was being a bit too silent. It seems that he is really liking to play with the TP these days...
Then he decided to pose for the camera!
Eyes closed, but this fella loves getting his picture taken! As soon as he hears the beep he has to come get in front of the camera and smile...too bad usually the camera is still saving the picture it beeped for when the smile happens. Daddy has finally figured out that if you half press the button it beeps...he smiles...and then finish pressing the button to capture those beautiful pearly whites!

I had to include this one! When what to our wondering eyes should appear but a tiny reindeer!


GinnyDreamin' said...

OOOOOOOOOOHHHH what a mischievous little guy!! LOVE the reindeer pic too!!!


Love from Houston!!!

MississippiZen said...

Too cute! Mr. Andy looks all grown up with his haircut!

So tell me ......

where in the world is the Ceasar property???? Are we going to be neighbors???

And I agree ... those crazy people at the school registration need help ... and I'm not sure I'm talking about just the parents :)

FWIW, the technology dept. rocks!

BlogQueenSupreme (ROTFLMAO!)

P.S. Could you light a fire under Big Sis and her blog??