Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Blastoff!

Big Sister has suggested that I start a blog to keep everyone up to date on the progress and status of our little division of the McCoy here goes! Big Sis just returned to Houston today...we had a marvelous 4 day 4th of July with Jules at home! The paparazzi took tons of pictures of our little man. Hopefully she will post them to our picture site (Hint! Hint!) at Walgreens so we can print pictures for those in the family that are technologically challenged. We spent the fourth cooking, clearing the patio (haven't seen that since Katrina! It is looking great!), swimming, and visiting with the family in a typical McCoy fashion. One of these days I will get a camera of my very own that I can take pictures to post to this blog on a regular basis! My little boy child has just pushed his rolling hippo toy up to the TV cabinet so he can get a better look at the movie that we are watching tonight. He is SOOOOOOooooo bad! Call his name and tell him to get down and he puts one foot down, smiles at me and waits for me to turn my head to stand back up on the toy....R O T T E N! Can tell this sweet little angel is going to test the very limits of patience....just like his Mom, Dad and Aunt did to their parents!

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GinnyDreamin' said...


You did it!!!! Started a supercool (or supernerdy) depending on WHO you talk to blog!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! NOW I HAVE SOMEONE TO TAG!!!! :) :) :)

Love the first post and WELCOME (finally) to the blogging community!!!! is vast!!!